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Rust Removal

When looking to find appropriate rust removal services, let our professionals handle it for your home or commercial spaces. Aqua Power Wash is detail-oriented and highly specialized contractor serving the entire Houston region and surrounding areas.

We possess the latest commercial-grade rust removal equipment and techniques to accomplish flawless results that you deserve.

Rust removal and rust stain treatment is a chemical process that requires the correct cleaners, knowledge, and equipment. Rust stains can be caused by irrigation, battery acid dripping on a radiator, fertilizer overspray, and rusty patio furniture to name a few.

The Causes of Rust Stains

Once water from your sprinkler irrigation comes in contact with air, iron sulfide (rust) oxidizes and causes it to rust. Corrosion stains also develop from leaking battery acid, fertilizer overspray, rusty patio furniture, and radiator drip.

The source of the stain will determine what chemical/method will be most effective for the treatment of that stain. In most cases, we can achieve 100% removal but in certain cases, a rust stain may not come out completely. Once we see the stain we will be able to best manage your expectations concerning removal.

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